5 Things To Do With Plastic Bags

30 01 2008

Yes, we all have some hanging around. And yes, we all wish we didn’t. Whether we shop with reusable totes or recycle, for some reason or another we end up with these in our house.             The majority of us feel bad throwing them away (landfills suck!), and if you’re like me you have a gigantic Rubbermaid container overflowing with them in your attic or closet.              Well, my friends, here is a short list of things we can start using those bags for. Some people are even able to make businesses out of repurposing these plastic bags. The plastic bag yarn is old news at this point – we all know the joys of making a bag out of bags. But here are some new ideas you may not have seen before. Enjoy! 

1. Make a Rug. This site has a tutorial as well as photos to guide you to happy rug-making.



 2. Carry Your Cash. These are great as gifts, or to sell.



 3. Give Someone Flowers. Why give flowers that will fade and die? These have the potential to live forever!www.instructables.com/id/flowers-made-from-plastic-bags/ 


  4. Go Fly A Kite. This one is great for us outdoorsy types, and for kids.



 5. Coast.This goes back to yarn made of plastic bags, but coasters are always neat – and again, great gifts!www.myrecycledbags.com/2007/03/24/crocheted-plastic-bag-coasters/ 


 This is just a short list of some possibilities. Take the inspiration and run with it!